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The energy of the sun, a renewable and inexhaustible source.
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Solar system that thanks to photovoltaics is able to respond to all needs.

The advantages of photovoltaics as a secure investment for the future

Immediately reduce consumption in your bill, you can access tax deductions and resell unused energy, start saving now !

Panel Installation

Our technicians will be available for a free inspection and for the complete installation of solar panels.

Car Charging Battery

Included in the package is an external battery to recharge all your electrical devices like the car, the scooter ...

Disposal Included

Our solar panels are guaranteed and 100% reusable. We will also dispose of your old solar panels.

Solar Energy Ready

You can place the solar panels wherever you like from your home to the greenhouse in the garden.

From the request to the installation in a few simple steps, here are the faq of solar panel wordpress theme.

On-the-spot metering (SSP) is a mechanism that enhances the energy produced by your system and subsequently fed into the grid. Thanks to an economic compensation mechanism between injections and withdrawals, the SSP takes into account all the energy produced: both that fed into the grid and that used for consumption in one’s own home.

The payback time depends on various factors, including exposure, weather conditions and self-consumption. On average, for a photovoltaic-only system it takes 7 years for the return on investment, in the case with accumulation 9 years.

The photovoltaic system is a system that does not require any continuous maintenance, except in the event that you experience a significant drop in performance. In this circumstance it may be necessary to visit a technician to check if there are any problems or if the panels are simply dirty due to atmospheric agents.

Before installation, all modules are subjected to various tests, especially on those that could be the effects of hail.
Thanks to these attentions, normal storm events have a very low risk of damaging your system, except in the case of catastrophic atmospheric events.

Solar Energy actively contributes to a more sustainable and less impactful electricity generation: thanks to its energy production from renewable sources, it significantly reduces the emissions of polluting climate-changing gases caused by the overall electricity generation.

Self-consumption runs towards the achievement of savings of up to 50% of the consumption in the bill for a photovoltaic system in ideal conditions of exposure and sunshine, which can reach over 90% with the addition of an energy storage system.


Request information and quote

Request a quote from our experts who will offer you the best photovoltaic system for your needs and your consume.


Verification by the technician

If the estimate is good for you, our technician will come free of charge to carry out an inspection to verify the feasibility.


Installation of the solar system

After a few months your system will be installed in less than 3 days and will be active immediately.

Sun Energy Power

Photovoltaic Installations

See our latest installations and discover the materials we have used and the power they have obtained.

Single Home

Excellent Southwest Exposure

Mountain Resort

100% Energy Autonomy

Agricultural Company

Large Photovoltaic System that covers all needs


Full roof coverage

Food Shop

10-year warranty with the possibility of extension

Apartment House

100% Clean Energy for the future

The future lies in self-consumption and energy independence and our customers want to use solar panel wordpress theme.

Sustainability & Convenience.

Latest news from solar

Our commitment is to always keep up to date with the latest technologies in the energy field.

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